CSA Newsletter – Late Fall Share – Week 1 – November 20, 2015

by jennifer on November 22, 2015

late fall share week 1


Thank you for joining us for another 4 weeks of fresh, local farm goodness. Despite some crazy weather we were still able to put together a pretty lovely box. You’ve probably noticed that I start each newsletter with a weather report. That’s because the weather is everything to a farmer. It affects how the crops grow (or die), when and what we can harvest, and where and how we can store them. The past week or so has been a weather whirlwind and we faced many challenges. It was mighty windy here earlier in the week. We decided not to harvest that day because if we lose power, we also lose water and then would not be to wash the produce. Instead, we spent the day prepping for the flood that we knew was coming. We moved a ton of stuff up to the lofts, made a dump run, and tied down items that might otherwise float away. Our neighbor Phillip came and helped us move tractors and implements to higher ground. This summer we got a grant to build and equipment pad above the 100 year flood mark on which to store our trucks and machines. Good timing! Though the NOAA website can give us an idea of how high the water will get, we never really know, so are always a little anxious. As it turned out t flooded twice; high enough to block  our access in and out of the farm and cut us off from certain parts of the field, but not high enough to get into any buildings. I have included a few pictures below to give you a sense of what it looked like.

The water is down now and the sun is out, so we can breathe a little easier where that is concerned. We have several fields that vary in elevation. The 3rd and 4th field almost always go under water, even in milder flood years. We use those for early and mid season crops. The majority of the 1st and 2nd field are above the flood line. The fall and over-wintered crops go there. We are grateful that these floods were low enough that no critical crops were lost. Phew!

The weather challenge for this week will be the cold. It is supposed to get into the 20’s each night and only get in to the 40’s during the day. We’ll have to get the row cover out and cover some crops so they don’t get damaged. It’ll make for some cold and unpleasant harvest. Brrrr! I hope I don’t come off as being whiny. We know what we signed up for being farmers. I just want to give you all perspective on what it takes to grow food. Farms all over the world face similar challenges at some point in any given farming season. Growing food is very different that assembling widgets in a factory. There are so many more variables that we have to contend with. Thankfully we have plenty of perfect weather days, easy harvests, and moments of gratitude for being able to be outside, witnessing random moments in nature, and feeling good about out job.

What’s In The Box:
carrots              kale
onions                parsley
garlic                  cabbage
leeks                  arugula
pie pumpkin     acorn


The cabbage this week is soooo sweet and delicious! It has a tougher texture, but don’t let that deter you from eating it raw. I have been shredding it and adding it to salads. Also, try the Sesame Kale Cabbage Salad in the recipe section. Aso check out the recipes for my killer pumpkin pie recipe. It is divine.


When shopping and preparing for your Thanksgiving and other holiday meals, remember that we live in an abundant region and you can probably find most, if not all of what you need sourced within 50 miles of your house. Check out the Olympia Farmers market (open until 3 Sunday), the Olympia Food Co-ops, or Farm Fresh Market. You’ll find fresh veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses, breads, drinks, and a much more. Impress your guests with your local sourcing savvy!

view from the kitchen window

View from the kitchen window.

crew and flood

Alex, Maryclair, and Amelia posing in front of flood water at the head of our driveway.


flooded pit

Our truck loading dock/swimming pool.


crew canoe

Amelia and Trine out for a joy ride.

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine this coming week!


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