CSA Newsletter – Fall Share Week 1 – October 24, 2015

by jennifer on October 24, 2015

fall share 2015 week 1

Welcome to the Early Fall CSA! Thanks for your continuing support of our farm. This week’s box is full of some classic fall veggies plus a few new tender greens. Let’s get started, shall we?

What’s In the Box:
chard                            parsnip
buttercup squash       carrots
yellow onions              romanesco
garlic                            lettuce
shallot                          arugula
leeks                            cilantro

A Few Explanations:
Buttercup squash: It is a lot like a kubocha squash. The flesh is dense and rich, bordering on flaky and creamy. It is great for soups, mashed squash, stuffed squash, etc. Remember that most squash is interchangeable in recipes (to a degree) so don’t feel too restricted.
Parsnips: They look like large, white carrots. They are sweet and earthy and have a hint of carrot family flavor. They are best cooked. We like to peel them, cut them into chunks, and add them to stews or oven root roasts. Look here for parsnip recipe ideas, including parsnip oven fries.
Arugula: We can only grow this in spring and fall, otherwise the flea beetles chew it to bits. Don’t just relegate it to salads. Chopped, fresh arugula is delicious when sprinkled on savory dishes upon serving. Pizza, pasta, stuffed squash, potatoes…. The slightly sharp flavor is balanced out when added to more complex dishes. Plus the contrast of something hot and creamy and fresh raw greens is divine.
Lettuce: The heads are getting smaller and smaller each week. We are having some serious deer issues, something we have never really had to deal with before. Our dog is 14 years old. His daily field patrols and nightly barking duties are long over. He naps a lot, takes short field walks, and barks half-heartedly if he senses a deer. Not much of a deterrent, I’m afraid.
Romanesco: It is the green fractile, coral looking vegetable. It is related to broccoli and cauliflower. I find the texture more like cauliflower and the flavor a little more like broccoli. You can use it as you would either broccoli or cauliflower. Break it into florets, slice into planks, or cut into chunks. Check out this blog post on romanesco with a little history and a few recipes.
Cilantro: Thanks to our giant greenhouse, we should have a fairly steady supply of cilantro, dill, arugula, and lettuce. You may not see each thing each week, but each one will pop up now and again.

I think everything else should be pretty recognizable and straight forward. Enjoy your fall goodies and we’ll see you next week!

New Recipe Website! I just stumbled upon a website that has recipes and tips geared toward people who get a CSA share. They even have a cookbook for sale (which I just ordered!) Check it out.


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