CSA Newsletter – Early Fall Share – Week 4 – November 14, 2015

by jennifer on November 14, 2015

early fall share week 4

Good Morning,

This weekend is the last delivery for the Early Fall CSA. We still have around 5 slots left for the Late Fall Share that will start next weekend. If you want to continue receiving these lovely veggies, let me know. Otherwise, we hope to see you down at the market at our booth. Remember the Olympia market is open Saturday and Sunday though Dec 20, and then every Saturday starting Jan 2.

Yesterday was another wild, wet, and crazy harvest day. Thankfully it was warm. We had a moment of concern upon hearing that is supposed to flood, but the projected height of the river is lower than the point of worry, so for now we can just appreciate the groundwater recharge that is happening. It seems that the rain is making up for lost time. All the rain we didn’t get in the spring and early fall is coming down now. When it rains, it pours, right?

minor flooding

What’s In The Box:
orange carrots           yellow onions
colored carrots          shallot
pie pumpkin              garlic
delicata squash         Italian parsley
curly kale                  Yellow Finn potatoes
celeriac                      rutabaga

I was flipping through the Bounty From The Box cookbook last night and found 2 more great recipes.

Herbed Rice Salad with Parsley

 Kale Salad with Mustard-Balsamic Dressing

Thanks again for joining us for the fall CSA. We will be sure to send a reminder email in January so that you can sign up for 2016.

Enjoy your winter!
Jen and Jim

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