CSA Newsletter – Early Fall Share – Week 3 – November 7, 2015

by jennifer on November 6, 2015

Early Fall Share week 3

What’s In The Box:
spaghetti squash                   carrots
baby lettuces                         parsnips
arugula                                   leeks
onions                                     chard
shallot                                     cabbage

This week’s harvest conditions were much more pleasant. We are feeling very lucky that the weather continues to be mild. No one is looking forward to prying carrots out of frozen ground or field washing anything in ice cold water! Lately the crew has been showing off newly purchased warm winter gear including super insulated muck boots and cashmere leggings scored at the barter fair (yes, there is such a thing as cashmere leggings and I am super jealous of that acquisition.)

We have a nice variety in the box this week and I have several recipe ideas for you. We harvested the lettuce small in order to get to it before the deer! The next round of arugula is ready as well. Remember, it is not just for salad. Use freshly chopped arugula to top off many savory dishes for a bright, fresh compliment. The cabbage is especially sweet and tender. Whip up a slaw with cabbage and carrots, add it to your salad, or shred it to use as a topping for tacos or burritos.

Here are some other recipe ideas. The spaghetti squash ones look very intriguing.

Chard & Rice

Spaghetti squash pad Thai

spaghetti squash lasagna



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