CSA Newsletter – Early Fall Share – Week 2

by jennifer on October 30, 2015

early fall share 2015 week 2

Harvest was quite the adventure today. It was soooo wet and windy. The crew all waddled around in their many layers of raingear, slipping or sinking in the mud, trying to wrestle with full wheelbarrows. Despite the wet, everyone remained in good cheer, probably because it was quite warm and it is Friday, and it was a short-ish workday.

All of this rain reminds me that, oh yeah, we do live on a flood plain. Because the river has been so low, this bout of rain will not put us in any danger of flooding. If you are ever wondering how your farmers are doing during a heavy squall, check out this link to the National weather service’s flood gauge at Grand Mound. This graph helps predict what the water levels might be during rain events. We don’t really start sweating until the water gets to 13 feet. That is when roads get blocked. At about 16 feet water starts creeping in the barns.

Trine and Maryclair harvesting parsley

I bought an awesome cookbook called “Bounty From The Box” by Mi Ae Lipe. It is nearly 700 pages of recipes, fruit and veggie origin stories, nutritional info, storage tips, and more. I am sure I will reference it often in future newsletters. If you want a copy of your very own, click on this link and order one.

I hope you like roots! Today’s box is full of them: rutabaga, beets, and carrots of many colors.

Today’s Box:
orange, yellow and purple carrots             parsley
beets                                                              yellow onions
rutabaga                                                        shallot
leeks                                                               garlic
celeriac                                                           butternut squash
Yellow Finn potatoes


Rutabaga: While reading through the a fore mentioned cookbook, I discovered a few alternative names for this vegetable including Swedes, yellow turnips, snadgers, narkies, and neeps. Rutabaga literally means “root bag.” Remember these for your next game of scrabble and just dare people to challenge you! Another random fact: The original Jack O’lanterns were carved from rutabagas, not pumpkins. I believe it. We have some honkers out there. Recipe suggestions include boiling and mashing with potatoes and carrots and add butter and cream. Put it in a pie with apple, pear, honey, ginger, and coriander. Grate them and add them to a coleslaw.
Butternut Squash: Check out this recipe from the cookbook called Butternut Surprise. (It’ll help you use your parsley!) Or try Ginger Squash Soup.
Parsley: Try this recipe for parsley salad with olives and capers.
Carrots: Remember the orange ones are sweeter and more delicate-better for raw eating. The colored ones really shine in cooked dishes.

Enjoy your week!

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