CSA newsletter-Box6-July 25, 2012

by jennifer on July 25, 2012

An early morning jotting….It is busy as ever here on the farm. We have made great progress on the weeds over the past week. We are feeling much less stressed about it. Those who are not packing your boxes today are combing through the fields with the rototiller, wheel hoes, upright hoes, and busy little fingers; rescuing the veggies from their persistent competition.
In late July, we sometimes experience a brief lull in abundance. Spring treats like radishes, scallions, turnips, and peas are pretty much done for, but the summer delights such as tomatoes cucumbers, onions, corn, etc. are not quite ready. (I promise I won’t make up for it with summer squash!) This week’s box will be full of your weekly standards such as lettuce, carrots, cabbage, herbs, etc. We hope to have more potatoes next week and hopefully cherry tomatoes for all.
Despite the lull, there are a few new treats this week: green beans for all shares, and a sampling of sungold cherry tomatoes for the regular shares. Broccoli is also finally on the scene. Everyone should get a little. The herbs are super abundant, so you will be getting two types in your box. We will aim to maintain a schedule of dill and cilantro one week, and basil and Italian parsley the next. Once potatoes are more consistent we’ll throw in some rosemary, too. I have to stop writing for now and help pack CSA boxes.

More later….

Today’s Box
Green beans
Beets or rainbow chard
Dill and cilantro, or parsley and basil
Purple Kohlrabi
Green zucchini
Italian zucchini
Red or green cabbage
Sungolds-regular shares only
Potatoes-regular shares only
Shell peas-small shares only

Later…. Okay. The boxes are on their way to Olympia. I pack a CSA box for our household 1.)so I can take pictures of it, and 2.) to put ourselves on the CSA receiving end and better understand the amount and combinations we are giving out. Maybe I was just really hungry, but I got pretty excited about this week’s box as I was unpacking it to photograph. I started thinking of all the things I wanted to make. In fact this letter is going out a little late today because I just had to make myself a little lunch of pan fried potatoes with sautéed summer squash, garlic, green beans, and broccoli topped with a mini batch of pesto and halved sungolds. It was soooo good! Then I started thinking about dinner tonight. I was going to roast a chicken (grown by my next door neighbors) and thought, “hmmm I think I’ll roast some beets, carrots, and potatoes tonight. Perhaps make that yummy coleslaw with dill dressing with my cabbage, and then steam some green beans. How about a salad with fresh carrots and kohlrabi thrown in.”

LOCAL ,SUSTAINABLE MEAT. You want roast chicken for dinner, too? Well, go to the sustainable meat page and hook up with some local farmers who raise meat of all sorts in a healthy and respectful manner. Some are certified organic, some are not (but essentially are in practice), all are folks we know well and can personally vouch for.

RECIPES: Remember, an easy way to find recipes for the thing in your box is to got to the bottom right corner of this page to the tag cloud. Click on any vegetable and all sorts of recipes pop up. Keep in mind there might be more than one page of recipes for each vegetable.


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