CSA Newsletter Box 9-August 18

by jennifer on August 18, 2010

HONEY: The honey is here!  For those of you who placed an order already, I’ll be leaving your honey at your pick-up site either on the table or very near your box. Look around. I ordered extra honey, so if anyone else wants some please let me know and I can leave it next week. Please mail a check rather than leave money at the pick-up sites. Prices:   Jelly jar (.75 lbs) $5.00 – This size makes a great gift. Consider it for the holidays later in the fall.Pint (1.5 lbs) $9.00 Quart (3lbs) $16.00Four Days of Summer. I won’t complain at all about the heat we just had. In a summer like this we need every bit of it we can get. I am thankful the two hottest days spanned our crew’s days off – perfect timing. We were reminded of the benefits of our heavy soil and its ability to hold moisture, even on the hottest of days. (This is the very soil we curse each spring for that same stubborn moisture holding capability.) No crop seemed to suffer. On the contrary, everything is healthy and thriving. You could almost hear the summer-loving crops sing for joy. Pickle explosion. Just for some perspective…. Last Friday when we picked pickling cukes we got 25 crates. After sorting by size and bagging for orders, we were left with a mere 3 boxes of “too big or funky” ones. Tuesday the crew picked a whopping 54 crates and after bagging orders were left with 16 boxes of “too bigs”. What were tiny inch or so long cukes, ballooned into larges in a matter of days. We even had the crew pick extra hard on Friday in anticipation of the heat. It was a depressing day for me on the sorting line; all those orders for smalls not getting filled and the task of finding an outlet for 14 boxes of large pickling cukes. Oh well. We’ll be sure to share the bounty and put some in your box today. Now if only the tomatoes would do that….Zucchinis galore: Like the cukes, the zukes also went crazy. Now would be a good time to try the Zucchini Alfredo recipe on page 108 in the farm cookbook, or perhaps the Slow-Cooked Zucchini Coins with Chopped Herbs and Feta on page 83. Funny Elk Story. This was relayed to me by Leah, who witnessed it this morning. She spied the elk in the next door neighbor’s yard with what appeared to be the kid’s bathing suits and some other garment dangling from its antlers. I guess it wandered through the clothesline. After much frustrated swaying of the head, it managed to get the bathing suits off, but as for the other thing…who knows. Funny and sad at the same time. What’s in the box?Lettuce                                 green onions (probably the last of the season)Beets or chard                   carrotsZucchini                                slicing cukecrookneck                           California White potatoesGreen beans                      dill, cilantro, or parsleyPickling cukes Rotational items: Basil for small shares, Sungold cherry tomatoes, red slicing tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers, broccoli, red cabbage.*We’ll leave out more “potentially buggy” artichokes in a separate box at each site. Be sure to share!!!!

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