CSA Newsletter-Box 9-August 17th, 2011

by jennifer on August 17, 2011


The “Height of the Season” share starts this week. For those of you who are joining us for an eight week stint, the day has arrived. You should have found a farm cookbook with your share. Let me know if you didn’t get one and I’ll leave it next week. Also, we still have shares available so if your co-workers and friends are looking on with envy as you open your box; tell them it is not too late to sign up. We will pro-rate the share to make up for missed boxes.

Last week I spoke about abundant harvests and also the lack thereof. This week the uber-producers are summer squash (big surprise) and those highly sought after English cukes. You guys said you wanted some and you will get them in spades. Enjoy. I have included a recipe for zucchini pancakes sent in by our dear CSA member, Lilly Love, to help with the summer squash consumption. Remember, you can sneak grated summer squash into just about anything. It also freezes well in a grated state, no need to blanch.

The lack-luster producer of the week, sadly, is the tomatoes. I don’t know if tomato thieves came in the night, or what. Oh wait, I know. It was all the chilly nights and a drearily overcast weekend that is the culprit. Let’s hope for more heat and sun for next week.

Standing L to R:Isaac, Rebecca, Seth, Jen, Jim, Rigo, Lauren. Sitting L to R: Arielle, Leah, Megs, Jonathon, Rita

Crew photo: Every year we try to get a crew photo. It can be a challenge for many reasons. Not everyone works every day. Sometime the schedule is just too busy. We have to squeeze actual picture taking in the slim window of time where it is early enough in the day that the light is not too bright and late enough that we have all lost the bags under our eyes and are capable of smiling. It kind of reminds me of trying to capture that family photo for your holiday cards. The deadline is looming, the kids are bickering, your hair is a mess…. (It is no surprise that we have officially given up on the Christmas photo, but I digress.) Thanks to Isaac’s ownership of a nice camera and the ability to work a self-timer we have 2 photos to share. This is who grows your food.

Crew in the corn

In Your Box This Week:
or chard
Lettuce-red oak leaf for all, plus a butter head for the regular shares.
French fingerling potatoes
Red onion-a little sweet, a little spicy
Green zucchini
Italian zucchini
Yellow crookneck
English cucumbers
Dill or basil
Sage (a few leaves in your potato bag) Use for the recipe below or in herbed biscuits
Red onion
Garlic-a softneck called California White
Red cabbage
Green beans

Rotational items:

Zucchini Pancakes

Summer vegetables stewed in their own juices-a great way to use just about everything in your box.

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