CSA Newsletter-Box 7-August 3, 2011

by jennifer on August 3, 2011

 Finally-a little summer. We are truly blessed to live here. While the rest of the country swelters in the 90’s and above, we can revel in the high 70’s-warm enough to take a dip in the river, but tolerable enough that we don’t drop like flies in the field from heat exhaustion. The crops soak up the warmth and are not stressed by extremes. The forecast looks promising for the next week which makes me happy.

It was a challenge to get the CSA boxes closed today-so much stuff! You will reap the reward of all this sun. All the crops went gangbusters over the weekend, especially the beans and broccoli. We even have a few tomatoes and green peppers. Here’s what you’ll receive:
Beets (red and golden) or chard
Potatoes-California White
Green beans
Sweet onion
Pickling cucumbers
Winterbor Kale
Green Zucchini
Italian Zucchini
Basil & Parsley or Dill & Cilantro
Scallions-regular shares only
Sungold Cherry tomatoes
Red slicing tomatoes
Green peppers

Sweet onions: These are grown from Walla Walla onion seed, though we can’t technically call them Walla Wallas since that name is trademarked and only allowed for onions grown in the Walla Walla area. We have dabbled in other sweet onions, mostly to avoid the silly name thing, but these do perform the best, so there you are. We do have some Ailsa Craigs out there somewhere, which is an old timey sweet onion.
Red Tomato: Today’s reds are Early Girl, which seems like a cliché tomato, but heck they actually ripen and taste good. We are also growing Moskvich (an heirloom red slicer), Arbason (a bigger beefsteak type), Pink Beauty (similar to Brandywine), and San Marzano (a sauce tomato), and finally Sundgold cherry tomatoes.
Potatoes: These are called California White. The flesh is firm and right in the middle of the flaky-creamy spectrum. They are very versatile and can be steamed, fried, oven-roasted, etc. New potatoes have very delicate skin. Try as we might to keep them smooth and pristine, they are bound to get a little dinged up between digging, washing, and weighing. These should be kept in the fridge until you use them.
Golden Beets: We love golden beets for their sweet flavor and the fact that they don’t bleed all over everything and turn whatever you are making magenta. We hate them because the seed strain is not terribly stable (hence odd shapes) and they seem to be more susceptible to pests, disease, and whatever else ails beets. Also the seed is shockingly expensive. I say all of this in explanation for why they aren’t terribly pretty and why you only got one or two. I am hoping the next two plantings look better than this one. Here’s to hoping.
Garlic: because we lost a lot of our garlic crop to white rot, we will only hand it out every other week or so.

BULK ITEMS: This is the time of plenty. Call or email if you want extra beans, basil, or cucumbers delivered with your share. Contact us by Monday of the week you want it delivered.

HEIGHT OF THE SEASON SHARES: Remember, Height of the Season Shares start the week of August 17th. We still have shares left for the Height of the Season and the remainder of the regular season. Late sign-ups will be pro-rated, so let your friends and neighbors know.

KALE CHIPS: This is a new sensation in our house. It is sooooo easy, very tasty esp. for kids, and ridiculously healthy.
Procedure: Rip kale off the stem into big pieces. Place in a big bowl and toss with olive oil and salt. Lay out on a cookie sheet in a single layer and cook in the oven at 350 for about 15-20 minutes or until crispy. It makes a great snack.

Cream of Broccoli Soup
Summer Medley with Potatoes and Green Beans
Summer Vegetables Stewed In There Own Juices
Rosemary-Onion Green Beans
Green Beans with Walnuts, Balsamic, and Honey
Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Alfredo

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