CSA Newsletter-Box 5-July 18, 2012

by jennifer on July 18, 2012

We have officially reached the overwhelming point of the season. Not only are we still seeding and transplanting the last few successions of crops, harvesting for CSA and Farmers Market, we also have to keep everything weeded and watered. It can be a little anxiety producing to walk through the fields and see all the weeds that are growing happily among the various vegetables. We haven’t lost anything to weeds yet and plan on a big weeding blitz over the next few days. It can be hard to just focus on the one crop you’re weeding, knowing all the while that 15 other things need just as much attention. We find the work of farming comes in waves. One minute we are overwhelmed, but then we catch our breath, admire the view, get overwhelmed again, and on and on it goes. It keeps life interesting. No ruts here!

Scarlet queen turnips
Snap peas
Snow peas
Shell peas-regular shares only
Green zucchini
Italian zucchini
Yellow crookneck squash
Garlic-Chinese pink
New potatoes-woo-hoo!!!!
Red or green cabbage
Beets, chard, or an additional baby cabbage of another color
Dill, cilantro, or Italian parsley

Scallions and radishes are done for the year, but green beans and sungold tomatoes are on the horizon.

NEW POTATOES: The variety is called California White. It is slightly on the waxy side. It is great for roasting in the oven, steaming, hash browns, or cubed up and fried in a pan, perhaps with a little garlic. I have not tried it in a potato salad yet, but I think it would do just fine. New potatoes have VERY tender skins that scrape off easily. We chose not to wash them so as to get them to you in the best condition. Wash them right before you intend to use them and keep them refrigerated.
BASIL- We did the first pick of basil and it will start making the rounds. We usually give out an ounce or two at a time, but periodically will give out enough for a batch of pesto. Basil is very perishable and should be used within 2 days. It freezes well, so if you don’t have a use for it right away, pop it in a zip lock and save it for later.
SUMMER SQUASH: Oh my goodness! It is only mid July and we already have more zucchini that we know what to do with. You have no idea how crazy we could have gone with the squash today. It was hard not to give out tons in the boxes. We showed great restraint. Remember, you can grate it up and sneak it into all sorts of dishes. It is also yummy grilled on the barby. A little tamari and away you go! See below for more recipe ideas.
PEAS: This is probably the last hurrah for peas. We picked a ton yesterday, but I’m not sure how nice they’ll be next week. Even though it hasn’t been terribly hot the past few days, the peas are going downhill fast. We’ll see what happens next Tuesday.

PICKLING CUCUMBERS: As many of you know, pickling cucumbers are one of our specialties. Now is a good time to place your order. We anticipate them being ready in early August and will hopefully continue until mid-late September. We pick on Tuesdays and Fridays. We can deliver them to your CSA pick up site, bring them to the market, or you can come to the farm. The prices are as follows:
Dill is $3.00/bunch and garlic is $15/lb for the Chinese Pink or $12/lb for the Music. The Music variety is stronger flavored and has bigger cloves.

Oven roasted root vegetables-use potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips, and/or kohlrabi
Zucchini strands with basil
Zucchini hummus
Barbara K’s invisible Zucchini
Zucchini with oil and lemon
Sweet and sour borscht

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