CSA Newsletter Box 3-July 7

by jennifer on July 3, 2010

SMALL SHARE AVAILABLE FOR DONATION- One of our generous market customers has once again donated a small share to someone in need. If anyone knows a person or family in need, we have one small share available for Saturday pick-up only. Please contact me as soon as possible with their information so we can get them started right away.We are all abuzz about the coming heat. Catch up on irrigation? Check. Put shade cloth on the greenhouse? Check. Start work at 6:00 a.m.? (Reluctant) check. We will start earlier to beat the heat. The crew and the veggies wilt when the temps get too high. I am looking forward to seeing how the crops respond to this blast of heat. I am leaving Thursday for Oklahoma with the kids (where it is forecast to rain just about the whole time I am there, grrr.) It will be interesting to see how different everything looks when I get back. Speaking of me being in Oklahoma for a week… I am the main email checker and phone message returner. Jim will certainly respond promptly if you have a pressing issue, but otherwise I’ll get back to you late next week.Yesterday I tilled in a lot of our earlier plantings-the ones that looked all sad and bedraggled and made us feel like utter failures. Now the fields are looking pretty good and we are encouraged once again. The cold, wet spring can just fade to a distant unpleasant memory. The crew harvested our main crop of garlic-a good month earlier than usual. White rot, our nemesis, reared its ugly head and started attacking the garlic. We thought we were out of the woods, as the garlic was looking fantastic just a few weeks ago. White rot is a fungus that attacks the allium family (garlic, onions, etc.) It is only active when the soil is warmish and wet. Usually May is when it shows up, if at all. I guess May was too cold but late June was prime. Luckily the heads are still plenty big and there is quite a bit that was unaffected. Hopefully this week’s rumored temps in the 80’s will ring true and the garlic can hang in the dry heat of the loft to cure.FARM COOKBOOK:  I gave the go-ahead to the printer to print up more cookbook copies. I hope to hand them out next week. Remember, since the book is the same as last year only new members get one this year and only one per share. More books can be purchased for $6. Call or email to order another. In the meantime, I’ve included a few hot-weather recipes to enjoy.What’s in the box?LettuceCarrotsBeets or chardGreen onionsKohlrabiGarlicGarlic scapesDill, cilantro, or parsleyPeas: snow, snap, or shellStrawberries-the last week

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