CSA Newsletter-Box 3-July 6, 2011

by jennifer on July 6, 2011

Today’s letter will be a short one. I spent the past 4 days in Walla Walla and am still catching up on all the “Jen tasks” that went undone. It is another world over there on the Eastside; hot, dry, open, and treeless especially where the wheat and wine grapes grow. I thoroughly enjoyed the baking heat (mid-90’s, I think) and was ready to return to our more moderate climate after a few days. As challenging as Westside weather can be, it sure is a joy to work in. Mid 70’s is the perfect temperature in which to weed, harvest, move irrigation pipe, plant, etc. It was also nice to return to the farm with fresh eyes and be astonished at how much things grew in just a few days. It sounds like we had a mini heat-wave over here as well.

What’s in the Box:
garlic scapes
fresh garlic (see below)
pink beauty radishes
scarlet queen turnips
chard or broccoli
dill, cilantro, or Italian parsley
purple kohlrabi
shell or snow peas
sugar snap peas
zucchini (see below)


Garlic: Today you will be getting fresh garlic. As returning members know, we struggle with growing garlic. Our fields have a fungus called white rot that affects garlic. There is no organic means of dealing with it. In a spring like this, the rot rears its ugly head in early June and spreads like wildfire through the patch. If it gets hot and dry enough, the rot will stop spreading and much of the garlic will be spared. We were not so lucky this year. Much of the garlic has been affected and we are left with a lot of “seconds;” cloves with some exterior issues that will prevent it from being able to store long-term. We decided to start digging up the patch now and handing it out to you. The garlic you will get today is not the prettiest garlic ever to grace your kitchen, but the flavor is still outstanding. This variety is called “Music” and has a very strong flavor, so go easy with it. You can store unused cloves in the fridge, or just leave out on your counter and it will start to cure. It won’t last for months like other garlic, so use it up.

Zucchini ID: We grow 2 types. The dark green one is “Dundoo” and the lighter green speckled one with ribbing is “Costata Romanesco.” Both can be used interchangeably.

Recipe Suggestions:
Two peas in a Pasta
Asian Noodles with Peas and Greens
Kohlrabi carrot bake-probably good with turnips as well, I am guessing
Stuffed chard leaves
Slow-cooked zucchini coins with chopped herbs and feta cheese- in farm cookbook
Zucchini Bread


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