CSA Newsletter Box 16-October 6

by jennifer on October 6, 2010

Lately the weather has been splendid and merciful. We have gotten a lot done in the past week. Jim tilled and cover cropped about two-thirds of the fields late last week. Hopefully we spread enough seed to share with the crows. The crows of Independence Valley truly have it made in the fall. Between our farm and the handful of other farms in the area, we unwittingly supply a veritable feast of cover crop seed and sweet corn. I see no fewer than fifty each morning grazing through the fields as I walk Hazel to the bus stop. This morning I also spied about a dozen Canada geese, no doubt stopping for a rest on their way down south.The garlic got planted last week.  It was a swift job thanks to fluffy soil and speedy workers.  Now is a good time to get your garlic in. It is ideal to plant it before the fall rains kick in, if nothing else so it won’t be a muddy chore. Today’s project is to finish threshing the dry beans. We borrowed a funky contraption from the WSU Mt Vernon research station. It is an old school chipper shredder with all sorts of modifications. The onions are just a few days away from being cured and then we can clip and clean them for storage. It sounds as though rain is on the horizon for the weekend, so we’ll have to move them all under cover by tomorrow’s end. By then the dry beans should be threshed and out of the greenhouse. Our many greenhouses are proving to be highly coveted real-estate for all the crops that need warm and dry space to finish up. Sometimes I feel like 80% of farming is actually just moving piles of stuff around!As the minutes of daylight dwindle, so does our crew. Friday was the last day for Rigo and Rita until next spring. Andrew is also gone. Leah will finish by the end of next week and Julia and Veronica will put in only a few more weeks. Jonathon and Lauren will stick it out until November 1st which will leave the last bits of work for Isaac, Jim and myself. The question is how long can entice Isaac to stay to help us with fall market harvests in the rain…..The bounty of sweet corn this morning was quite a surprise to us. And here I thought not a single ear would ripen. The tomatoes also continue to astound me. We picked them a little on the “harder” side just to make sure you got at least one last dose before the blight finally decimates the crop. Let them sit out on your counter and they will be ripe and tasty in a day or two.Leeks are new this week. Enjoy them with your Yellow Finns in a nice potato leek soup.In the box:LeeksPotatoes-Yellow FinnCopra onionRed onionShallotBeets or chardCarrotsSummer squashDelicata squash-(wait a few weeks to eat)Kale: either Red Russian, Italian, or   CurlyCornTomatoes

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