CSA Newsletter Box 14-september 22

by jennifer on September 14, 2010

This week’s box very much reflects the day, having one foot in fall and the other in summer. Just as the morning will start out cool and cloudy then turn into beautiful sunshine by lunch, today’s box content is quite varied. It is so strange to see kale curled up next to a watermelon, and cabbage sitting atop corn. (Yes, I said watermelon, but more about that in a bit.)Yesterday afternoon’s sun was just glorious and today promises to be even better, so we are all a little more chipper than we have been. Last week’s rain was not a welcome guest, I assure you. At least it was warm rain-much more pleasant to work in. Though rain is forecast again for Thursday, sunny skies are on the horizon for a few more days beyond that. We need that sun to help cure the onions, plant cover crop, and of course to keep our morale up!So, about that watermelon. Who would have thought that in a summer like this we could have pulled off watermelon? We thought for sure the melons were a lost cause and almost quit checking on them. It was almost a joke to do so. Boy were we surprised on Friday when we found that they nearly all were ready! Hundreds of them! With rain threatening, we went ahead and harvested them all. Eat them up quick as they were picked Friday. These are a yellow-fleshed melon called Yellow Doll. Very sweet.Basil. The cool nights and near constant moisture has made the basil quite unhappy. It won’t be worth picking after this week, so we decided to try something new and yank up whole plants and hand them out in the boxes. Pick off the leaves that are worthy and either freeze for later use or make one last batch of pesto.Tomatoes: Toms, like basil, do not care for cold and wet. Just when they were starting to put on a good show, in comes the rain. The black spots you see are early signs of blight. Just remove that part and you still have a perfectly tasty tomato to do with as you please. As mentioned in a previous email, now would be the time to can some tomatoes. Let me know if you want bulk amounts of seconds for canning.Today’s Box:CarrotsLettuceBeets or chardZucchini and crookneck squashRed onionSweet onionRed or green cabbageCornGreen beansBasilYellow Doll watermelonRed tomatoesRed Russian KaleRotational items:Dill, cilantro, broccoli

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