CSA Newsletter-Box 14-September 21

by jennifer on September 21, 2011

We have made some serious progress during the past week getting some key crops in before fall weather settles in for good. The onions are all stacked up in the barn, the winter squash is cut and waiting to be hauled in, and the garlic is being planted as I type this. Jim has been pulling absurdly long shifts with the dry bean thresher over the past few days, spelled occasionally by Isaac. We were worried about the beans getting rained on last weekend, but they dried out nicely and it looks like we have the rest of the week to get that particular job finished. We started the process tilling in old crops and will hopefully sow a lot of cover crop over this next week. The other BIG projects are getting all the pototoes dug and the popcorn harvested and hung up to dry.

The recent bought of rain is a wake up call that the weather is shifting and seasons are changing. Certain crops do not take kindly to colder nights and excessive moisture. Now would be a good time to place an order for basil, green beans, and canning tomatoes. Once we get a frost or a solid week of rain, those crops go downhill fast. We can bring them to market any day this week or leave them with your CSA box next week.

This is the time of year where the crew starts shrinking. Since we can’t offer year-round work for folks, they move on to other jobs, school, or travel between seasons and must take those opportunities when they are available. Since we are no longer planting and hardly ever weeding (yeah) it would seem that the work is slowing down. Theoretically there is less work to do, but there are also less of us to do it. Leah, Seth, and Ariel left a few weeks ago. Rebecca, Rigo, and Rita will leave at the end of this month. It will be Jim, myself, Isaac, Jonathon, Lauren, and Megs to finish out the season. We feel as busy as ever.

Speaking of the end of the season, many of you have been asking about the last delivery date. For regular shares it is the week of October 19th. For Height of the Season shares it is the week of October 5th. We still have fall CSA shares available. Mail in your registration form or come by the market to sign up. Delivery of the fall shares will start the weekend of October 29th.

What’s in the box:
beets or chard
dill, cilantro, basil, or rosemary
yellow finn potatoes
green beans
yellow doll watermelon
walla walla onion
a few small copra onions
red cipollini onion
lemon cucumber
English cucumber
Italian zucchini-regular shares only
crookneck squash
sungold cherry tomatoes-regular shares only
red slicing tomatoes
green pepper

A word about the broccoli: We tried a new variety for the fall that was recommended to us. We are less than pleased with its open, loose-beading habit. The taste is fine, but it has not produced the nice big, tight beaded head we look for in a broccoli. Please forgive the less than ideal specimen you will receive today. We had hoped for better. It is always risky trying new varieties. We have a knack for falling in love with seed varieties that end up being discontinued or are hard to find. Sometimes we are forced to try new things. Mostly it works out, but sometimes it does not.  We are always open to hearing your suggestions of new crops to grow or particular varieties you have had success with. Drop us a line.

Enjoy this summer box. Next week we will be giving you a taste of fall with Kale and possibly cabbage.


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