CSA Newsletter-Box 13-September 12, 2012

by jennifer on September 12, 2012

Ahhh, another beautiful day. Each sunny day we get from here on out feels like a bonus. I know how quickly the weather can turn.

I feel a bit like Chicken Little in regards to weather. Tuesday’s unexpected morning frost put me in a panic. Just picture me running around saying “the frost is coming, the frost is coming!” (Actually, I wasn’t quite that dramatic about it.) It was more like me telling everyone “It’s gonna frost tonight, we better do this, that, and the other before we lose it all!” I obsessively checked the weather throughout the day and they were calling for 34 degrees last night. Adjusting for local variation in temperature, it could have easily meant another, harder frost; enough to put a swift end to basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, etc. The crew was very loyal and supportive and worked an extra hour or so. It was all hands on deck picking all the tomatoes that were even slightly ripe. We also covered the onions that still lay drying in the field with row cover as that usually adds a few degrees of frost protection. Wouldn’t it have been a shame to lose them all now after all of our hard work planting, weeding, watering,  and laying them out to dry? But happily, it did not get so cold and the above mentioned crops will get to hang on a little longer. Phew! I know if we had not done all that prep though, I would have lain awake all night worrying.

The upside to the cold nights is that it sweetens up fall crops such as kale. We only grow Kale in the fall, as the bugs are too much to contend with in the spring and summer. Besides, there are so many other good things to eat! I find the flavor to be best in fall when the temperatures are cooler. We grow 3 types of kale: Red Russian which you will see today, curly kale, and Lacinato (AKA Italian). The first pick is always a little funky looking, thanks to the bugs just mentioned. However, the new growth will fare better and it will look nicer as the weeks move along. The flavor is still top-notch.

Speaking of fall and sweet tasting fall veggies, we are offering once again an extended Fall CSA Share. It will run for 4 consecutive weeks starting October 27. We are offering one size since most of the produce stores well in or out of the fridge. Smaller households could consider splitting a share with a friend. Because our field crew shrinks down to but a few in the fall, we can only deliver fall shares to the Olympia Farmers Market and the farm and only deliver on the weekend.
The cost is $110 for the 4 weeks. You can either pay all at once upon registration, or pay half at registration and the other half by November 1st.
You can either sign up online or print out this registration form and mail it in with a payment. if you have any trouble with the sign up process, just let me know.
Fall CSA Crops:
Potatoes (Yellow Finn, French Fingerling, Ozette, Russian Banana)
Onions (Storage yellows, reds, sweets, white, cipollini)
Kale (Red Russian, Lacinato, curly)
Winter squash (delicate, pie pumpkin, acorn, spaghetti, buttercup, or butternut)
(While all of these are hardy crops, weather or other factors may make some unavailable.)

We have most of the onions clipped and cleaned and in the barn. We should be able to finish them up by the end of Thursday. We always feel lucky to be able to field cure the onions. We grow LOTS of onions, and to drag them undercover to dry is just not an ideal option.

Those darn birds got to the corn again. The flash tape was working so well, too! I guess they polished off the first planting and got a little braver. Arghhhh! Any volunteers willing to camp out in the corn patch with a sling-shot? No? There wasn’t much left to hand out today, so sorry. We’ll have a few token bits at market if you really want some.

What’s In The Box:
Beets or chard
Potatoes-Yellow Finn. (Due to my frost paranoia, we didn’t have time to wash them yesterday.)
Rosemary-a few sprigs to enjoy with your potatoes
Walla Walla onions
Red onions
Sungold cherry tomatoes
Red slicing tomatoes
Asian eggplant
Garlic-Chinese Pink
Kale-Red Russian
Lemon cucumber
Pickling cucumber (good for fresh eating)
Yellow crookneck squash
Green or Italian Zucchini (Regular shares only)

Kale quesadillas
Winter Salad with Beets & Kale
Kale chips
Scalloped potatoes
Oven roasted root veggies with rosemary

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