CSA Newsletter-Box 13- Sept. 14, 2011

by jennifer on September 14, 2011


The clouds might be returning, temperatures dropping, and sprinkles threatening, but it is still summer by golly and we will eat like it is. Corn, tomatoes, and surprise of all surprises Yellow Doll watermelon will grace your box today. Yes, you heard me folks. You get a watermelon in your box. A sweet, juicy, yellow-fleshed watermelon. I remember when they got planted one cold June day and thinking, “What a collosal waste of time this is. In a season like this there is no way in hell these will ever ripen.” Well, this is one time I will gladly eat my words (and I have been everyday for over a week!)

With the threat of showers later this week, we will have to kick it into high gear to get the rest of the onions into the barns. We are over halfway through the patch, so the odds are in our favor. While bagging and sorting onions, we set aside the small ones and will be giving you a handful of those. Why, you ask, are we giving you all small onions? I don’t know about you, but I start nearly every savory dish with some onion. I personally like having small onions around so I don’t have to stick 1/2 of a stinky cut onion in my fridge. You’ll get big ones again next week, don’t worry. We just though we’d shake it up a bit.

Dry beans are also on the “Deal with me now!” list. At last look, the chance of showers are brief and sunny skies “should”return on Monday. Jim will head up to Mount Vernon tomorrow to borrow a bean thresher from the Mount Vernon Cooperative extension. Hopefully we can bust through those beans quickly. There are A LOT!

The Birds and the Bees: Don’t worry this is a “G” rated story about how you almost didn’t get melons or any other type of cucumber besides the accidental English one. About a month ago, we were walking through the other cucumber patch (lemon, diva, and slicer) and noticed that EVERY single cuke had critter damage. We couldn’t figure out who was doing it: mice? raccons? birds? porcupines? Finally we figured out it was the crows. After growing cukes for the past 17 years on this very farm, we have NEVER had crow damage- in the cukes anyway. We thought the cuke patch was a total loss, but left it there as a “trap crop.” Even so, to our dismay, the crows broadened their feasting to the watermelon patch. We threw row cover over those to protect them and that seemed to work. After a few weeks the crows stopped eating the cukes, for whatever reason, and now we have a tons of several types to share with you. Today you get a traditional slicer and a lemon. Lemon cukes are actually an heirloom type that are named so for their round yellow form.  They do not taste like lemon, more like a slicer with a hint of melon. No need to peel them. Just slice and eat.

So now for the bees, or should I say cursed yellow jackets? We thought we were out of the woods with the crows and uncovered the watermelons. They were looking awesome last Friday and tons were ripe. So the dilema was do we harvest Friday in the heat and risk them turning to mush before we give them to you or leave them on the vine and hope they hold better? Well, we opted for plan “B” and over the weekend the yellow jackets moved in and damaged a significant number of melons. Darn! We still have plenty. Enough to give to you today and loads more for the next 4 days of market. Maybe there will still be a few next week. Not sure, though. Get them now while you can. If we have learned anything in all these years of farming it is to plant extra!

Eggplant and Jennifer’s forgetful nature.Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a forgetful person. There is just too much rattling around in my head. Anyway, I “accidentally” left several boxes of Friday’s eggplant in the cooler rather than send it to the weekend market. (It got buried behind some other boxes). I sorted through it all and pulled out the best of the lot to hand out to you. The rest went into the bartar boxes, which is why there is heaps of it in those boxes. It is all good and fine, just use it up sooner than later.

In Your Box Today:
beets or chard
green beans-regular shares only
red chieftan potatoes
copra onions
corn-lots of it!
yellow doll watermelon
lemon cucumber
slicing cucumber
English cucumber
green zucchini
yellow crookneck
Italian zucchini
scarlet queen turnips
red tomatoes
purple kohlrabi-regular shares only
green pepper

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