CSA Newsletter-Box 12-September 5, 2012

by jennifer on September 5, 2012

Lots of good news this week. The tomatoes are going gangbusters and you are the lucky recipient of that bounty. If you want to can, now is the time! contact us to reserve a box (or two or three). Corn is back on the scene. We strung flashy bird scare tape over the second planting of corn and left the first planting standing for the birds to eat. So far so good. We have yet one more planting that will hopefully ripen before frost.

While the other herbs seem to be on hiatus, the basil is abundant so you all got a substantial amount today. Italian cuisine might have to be the theme of the week. Try this recipe for pesto or just wash it and freeze it for winter use. It will turn sort of black-ish, but it still tastes great added to dishes in the deep dark winter when you are longing for summer.

This will be a busy week for us. The onions are nearly dry, having laid out in the sun this past week. I keep obsessively checking the weather forecast hoping the dryness will continue. I’d really like to get them all clipped, cleaned, and bagged before the rain kicks in. In past years we have had to either cover them with tarps in the field or haul them all in to our various greenhouses and barns to finish drying. No fun, I tell you. We plan to spend the next few afternoons cleaning madly. Speaking of onions, let me just briefly talk about the virtue of the small onion. I myself am guilty of reaching for the biggest, prettiest, onion out there, but then how many times have I had to put half of a stinky onion in the fridge because I didn’t need it all? Small onions are rather nice to work with. If you need a lot, use two. If you only need a little bit use one. Don’t worry, you will not always get only small onions. We just had a lot today. Both types are sweet.

The dry beans are ready to harvest as well. We bought a funky old combine this spring which we hope to use to thresh the beans this year. It still needs a little tweaking, but Joe and Drew from Wobbly Cart Farm and Broken Bow farm, respectively, are helping Jim to get it functional. They also hope to use it for their own farming ventures.It seems silly for us all to own a piece of equipment that we all only need a few days out the the year.

What’s In The Box:
beets or chard
lemon cucumbers
sungold cherry tomatoes
red slicing tomatoes
red onions
walla walla onions
summer squash
green pepper
garlic-California Late

Do forgive the brevity of this week’s newsletter. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to cram it all in.

Enjoy your veggies! Jen

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