CSA Newsletter-Box 11-August 31st 2011

by jennifer on August 31, 2011


Wow, today’s box is mighty fine if I do say so myself. It is a true summer box with corn, peppers, and tomatoes for all. I wish our stomachs would evolve in a way that we could eat copious amounts of food this time of year when the harvest is at its peak and then be able to get by on the remnants of kale and potatoes in spring, when local food is not as plentiful. Kind of like bears. If we could hibernate too, that would be something. I feel the stirrings of fall and I just want to stuff my face with any and everything.There are just not enough meals in the day to fully enjoy the present, but fleeting bounty!

In Today’s Box:
Beets or chard
Copra onion-This is a strong cooking onion. Crack the window when you chop this one up. The tears will flow.
Red onion
Yellow Finn potatoes
green beans
English cucumbers
Green zucchini
Italian zucchini
Yellow crookneck
Sungold cherry tomatoes
Red slicing tomatoes
Green pepper
Basil or cilantro
Corn-This variety is called Charisma. It is an early bi-color type with a wonderful balance of sweetness and true corn flavor. This is not the sugar-water corn that you get at road-side stands. It actually has flavor!
Cauliflower-Warning, there may be little visitors in your cauliflower. Don’t panic, it is easily remedied. We don’t like to give out buggy or super ugly produce, but sometimes it cannot be helped. All members of the brassica family are a huge pain in the $%^$#! to grow, for us anyway. If it is not extreme heat or extreme cold that stress it out, it is the aphids, cabbage moth, flea beetles, or a handful of other pests that make growing these crops a challenge. For that reason we don’t grow cauliflower very often. So today your cauliflower may have a few aphids in it. We tried to swish them out. If you are concerned, just soak the whole head in salted water for ten minutes and any creepy-crawlies will come out. Rinse thoroughly and prepare as you wish. Take comfort in knowing that at least you are not eating chemicals!

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