CSA Newsletter-Box 11-August 29, 2012

by jennifer on August 29, 2012

Fall seems to be settling in quite suddenly. The nights are substantially chillier and the morning dew heavier. All around, trees and grasses are changing color and hinting at big changes. Plus my kids just went back to school today, so even if it was 80 degrees, psychologically it would still feel like fall! The fields, too, are really transforming. Until the tiller broke last week (nope, don’t want to talk about it), Jim spent hours tilling in expired crops and weedy nightmares. It makes the farm seem a little more manageable now. The onion tops are all knocked back, signaling the plants to set papery skins for storage. We set the crew to cut back the potato vines for the same reason. The dry beans are dying back, exposing lots of plump pods. The cucumber and squash plants are looking a little worse for the wear, having been rifled through twice a week for the past month or so. There are still many flowers and a strong desire to keep cranking out the fruit, so you’ll still see a few more weeks of cukes and squash.
While some plants are nearing the end of their cycle, some seem to be just getting started. The tomatoes for instance, are like late party guests who decide to show up once everyone else is all danced out. They are cranking! You got a pretty substantial handful in your box today. The corn, too, is (was) looking amazing; that is until the redwing blackbirds moved in. Let me tell you, I used to love redwing blackbirds; the way the fly in tight formation, the way they trill, the flash of red on their wings as they flow like water over the fields. But I am feeling much less affection as of late. Those blasted birds, in a matter of days, decimated our first planting of corn. They damaged nearly ¾ of all the corn! We still have 2 more plantings yet to ripen and will be doing all we can with bird-scare tape to keep them away. We hope to give you many more weeks of tasty corn goodness. The next round might be ready by next week. If anyone has other bird-scare suggestions, we’d love to hear about it.

Squirreling Away:
Now is the time to can, freeze, and store. Winter will be here before you know it. We have the following currently available for bulk purchase:
Basil-$24/lb (picture a plastic handled grocery bag fluffy-full)
Tomatoes-3 grades
“A” grade: pretty and perfect, market grade $2/lb for 10+ lbs
“B” grade: market leftovers. Pretty and very ripe. $1.75/lb for 10+ lbs
“C” grade: cosmetic damage, ripeness variable. $1.50/lb for 10+ lbs
Pickling cukes: probably only 2 weeks left

Call or email to place an order. We can leave it with your CSA box or you can pick it up at the market or the farm.

What’s in the box:
Beets or chard
White onion
Red onion
Slicing and/or lemon cucumber
Sungold cherry tomatos
Red slicing tomatoes
Summer squash
Garlic-Music (very strong!)
Green cabbage
Dill & cilantro or basil & Italian parsley
Russian banana or French fingerling potatoes
Green bell pepper
Green beans-regular shares only

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