box 10-August 25

by jennifer on August 25, 2010

Today’s letter will be short and sweet. Jim and the kids have been in Maine for the past week frolicking on the beach and having a “real” summer, so I have been pulling double duty here at the farm. Once again I am reminded of what a wonderful and capable crew we have. I want to say a big thank you to them for making this week easy and especially to Jonathon, who took over irrigation duty (my least favorite task.)There is not much farmy news today. We are done planting and there is hardly anything to weed anymore. (Never thought that would happen.) We are now in harvest mode waiting for September when the big fall projects happen: onion harvest, potato harvest, garlic planting, and cover cropping. We don’t want to think about any of that yet though. We’ll just enjoy this breather, otherwise known as the August lull.Honey: The first order of honey went fast! I still have a few quarts and jelly jars left. I will be ordering more within the next week, so if anyone else out there wants some, let me know so I can be sure to order enough.New: French Fingerlings-the ugliest potato this year, but as always the most tasty. Best potato for roasting.Sweet onions. Finally! Usually by this time of year we have knocked the tops back on our onions to stop the growth and cure the skins. This year we are just praying that the weather holds long enough for them to size up before the fall rains kick in. The sweets are always ready sooner. These are called Candy. They are sweet but with a little bite. Not like the watery Walla Wallas from the eastside. They are great raw, despite the bite.Lots of summer squash: What pray tell does one do with lots of summer squash? Put it in any and every savory dish you make. Slice it, dice it, grate it, bake it, fry it, throw it in soups, stir fry, casserole…you get the idea. It adds color, texture, and a medium to absorb whatever sauce and spices you come up with. Don’t be shy.*A word on basil. Everyone will get an ounce or so today. Basil does not hold up well, so if you are not going to use it within 2 days, freeze it and use it this winter. You’ll be so glad you did!Speaking of basil, we have maybe 2 more weeks of decent basil in abundance. If anyone wants bulk basil let me know ASAP and we can deliver it with your box next week or bring it down to the Olympia market Thurs-Sunday this week or next.  It is $24/lb.In Your Box Today:LettuceCarrotsGreen beansBeets or ChardDill, parsley, or rosemaryBasilCucumberSummer squash (Italian, green, and crookneck)PotatoesSweet onionGarlicCherry tomatoes or red slicing tomatoesRotational items: eggplant, peppers,

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