Meet Your Farmers

Jim McGinn Jim McGinn
Jim McGinn has been farming this land since 1990 when he started working on a neighbor’s farm. He helped start Rising River Farm in 1994. Jim is the primary field manager and fix-it guy. He thrives on the puzzle of how to keep the whole show running smoothly. He juggles innumerable tasks: the crew, irrigation, harvest, transplanting, tractor work, and all the little “surprises” that seem to come at the worst possible time.

Jennifer Belknap Jennifer Belknap
Jennifer Belknap has been farming since 1994. After farming for one season in Vermont, then co-founding her own cooperatively run vegetable farm in the Skagit Valley, Jennifer came to join Jim at Rising River in 1997.Jennifer has her hands in many pots as well. She is in charge of the planting, both in the greenhouse and the field, CSA packing, administrative details, and participates with general field work. When she is not seeding, harvesting, holed up in the office, or hanging out with their two kids, she can often be found on the tractor.