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by jennifer on June 1, 2015

Greetings Members!

Thank you for joining our CSA! We appreciate your commitment to local and sustainable agriculture. This newsletter explains how our CSA works. Please read it thoroughly and keep it handy for future reference. Yes, even you, returning members! It never hurts to refresh your memory.

In addition to our CSA program we sell at several farmers markets: The Olympia Farmers Market, The Tacoma Proctor Market, and the Vancouver Farmers Market. Go to our market page to find out the locations and hours of operation. Please stop by and introduce yourself!

Start Date:
It has been an amazingly warm and dry spring. The crops are looking right on track. Depending on what delivery day you chose, the first delivery will be:
-Wednesday the 17th
-Thursday the 18th
-Saturday the 20th
-Sunday the 21st
If you cannot remember which day or location you signed up for, you can access your account from our website (more about that in a minute) or just call or email me and I’ll let you know.

The following is important information about when, where, and how to pick up your box.

When to pick up your box:
CSA box pick-up happens once a week either on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. Pick-up times vary slightly with each site. Look in the following section for the times.

Where to pick up your box:
Due to the fact that this newsletter is posted on our public website, we are not including the exact addresses here. We wish to maintain the privacy of our CSA hosts. If your pick up site is at someone’s house, you can find the exact location of that pick up site  in the email where you found the link to this newsletter.

Wednesday Options:
ROCHESTER (at the farm) : Pick-up between 2:00 and 8:00 P.M.  13208 201st Ave SW, Rochester, WA 273-5368. Directions: I-5 south to exit 88. Right turn off the ramp. Go straight through stop light. Go about 5 miles to Rochester. Left at light (Albany street). Turn right on 185th, which turns into Marble, then turns into Independence Rd. Follow Independence for about 4 miles. Right turn on 201st AVE SW. Continue down 201st through the “S” curves until you come to a white house with a cinder block foundation. Pull into the second driveway and go to the gray metal barn. Flag someone down on the first day and we’ll show you where the boxes are. From then on, it is self serve.

WESTSIDE OF OLYMPIA: Pick up between 3-8 pm. We had a last minute change of plan and this site location is in the process of being established. We have 2 really good leads, both still very near the westside co-op. However, if you, or someone you know, might be interested in hosting, contact me for details. It is always good to have a few more options in the wings. Fear not, we will have it settled by the first delivery day!

EASTSIDE OF OLYMPIA: Pick up between 3-8 pm. On Tullis, near the San Francisco bakery. The boxes will be in the host’s garage.  The site is self-serve. You do not need to check in with the site host.

TUMWATER: Pick up between 3-8 pm.  Located in the Wildwood neighborhood on Buker street; near Spud’s, Vic’s pizza, and Oly coffee.  The boxes will be in the host’s garage.  The site is self-serve. You do not need to check in with the site host.

FARM FRESH MARKET (formerly Olympia Local Foods): Pick up between 2-7 pm. 2010 Black Lake BLVD, Olympia. Boxes will be located behind the store under a shady awning. They will be labeled with your name. Please ask the store staff to help you the first time. There is another farm delivering shares there as well. Be sure to take from the correct farm!  We will make sure the signage is very clear. Call the store directly if you will be late or need to get it the next day. (360) 943-5573

NRB BUILDING: Pick up anytime after 3 pm. 1111 Washington Ave. This is only an option for state workers who work in or near the NRB and have access to that building. A security pass is required. The boxes will be in room P 199 (Wellness Room). Signs will be posted to guide you to the room. There is another farm delivering shares there as well. Be sure to take from the correct farm!  We will make sure the signage is very clear.

UTILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION (UTC): Pick up anytime after 3 pm. Boxes will be located outside behind the UTC building, near the picnic benches. People from surrounding agencies can opt to use this location, since building access is not required. Check in with Desiree Lee-Hjelm in HR if you are unsure where to find the boxes. 360-664-1130

HIGHWAY AND LICENSING BUILDING (HLB): Pick up anytime after 3 pm. This option is for employees only as a security pass is required to gain access. Located at 1125 Washington St. SE, Highways-Licenses Building. Boxes will be located in the northeast corner of our first floor lobby (near the reception area).  Our site coordinator is Lissa Kelsey (753-6200) or (



THE OLYMPIA FARMERS MARKET: The market is at the southern most end of Capitol Blvd. Our stall is located in the SE wing of the market. We will be at the market as early as 9:00, but cannot sell you any additional items until the market officially opens at 10:00 (Sorry, market rules….) We leave the market by 3:20.

THE PROCTOR FARMERS MARKET: Saturday only. The boxes will be at our booth available for pick up between 9-2.

How To Pick Up Your Box:
When you show up to the site (during the designated hours, of course) filled with excitement and anticipation, look for the box with your name on it. Each box will have a name tag tacked to it. Find yours, remove the tag and place it in the envelope provided. Be sure to read the bulletin board for any special messages, then go home and cook up a great meal. Easy as pie. There are a few details, however, that you must adhere to.
1. Only take the box with your name on it!!!!!! If you don’t see one with your name ask the site host for help or call the farm before you take a box.
2. Leave the name tag and pin at the site so we don’t have to make new ones every week. More importantly, this is how we know who picked up and who didn’t.
3. Be sure to read the bulletin board for special instructions. Sometimes there will be items for you to take that could not fit in your box (i.e. cookbooks, corn, bags of onions, etc.) so please read the board.
4. When you return to get the next week’s box, bring back the previous week’s box so we can re-use them. We wish to save resources and not buy new boxes very often. (They are expensive and sometimes difficult to track down.) Better yet, bring your own shopping bags to transfer your produce into, and then you won’t have to worry about bringing the box back next week.
5. Carefully unfold the box (without ripping the tabs-please!) and stack it neatly so as not to clutter up the pick-up site. Please help keep the site neat and tidy.

Barter Boxes:
Most weeks we will leave a barter box at each site. This is a way for you to trade what you don’t like for something you do. For example, if you are not fond of chard you can trade it for an extra lettuce or beets. And then the person who just can’t get enough chard can trade her radishes for extra chard. Please do not take from the box unless you add to it.

What To Do If You Can’t Get Your Box:
If you will be late picking up your box or can’t get it until the next day, it is your responsibility to call the pick-up site person (not the farm) and make other arrangements. Pick-up site hosts are not obligated to make special arrangements, but are usually more than willing. All unclaimed produce will be given away.
ATTENTION  NRB, UTC, and HLB FOLKS: Any unclaimed boxes will be picked up and donated mid-day Thursday. We are not allowed to leave the boxes there any longer than that. Sorry.
If you know ahead of time that you will not pick up your box at all (due to vacation for example) call the farm by Monday and we won’t pack a box for you. Better yet, gift it to a co-worker and let them pick it up. Be sure to tell them only to take a box with your name on it so there is no confusion.

Special Orders:
Throughout the season there will be opportunities to buy bulk amounts of things (shell peas, basil, pickling cukes, beans, just to name a few). We will alert you in the weekly newsletter when such opportunities arise. You can call us by Monday of that week and we can leave the order and a bill with your box. Please mail us the payment.

Farm Cookbooks:
Last year we gave out a new farm cookbook. If you got one last year, you will not get another one this year as they are the same.
NEW MEMBERS: look for the book with your name on it. Please only take the one with your name. If we somehow missed you, call and I’ll leave one for you the next week. For those splitting shares, additional books can be purchased for $6.

Recipes: In addition to the farm cookbook, we have tons of recipes on our website. There is a recipe tab in the menu bar and you can also search by ingredient by going to the tag cloud at the bottom of each page. We try to put new recipes in the newsletters, as well.

Newsletters: In an effort to save paper, we send out the weekly newsletter via email as well as post it on the website.It is very important that you read the letters as they often contain special explanations of things in your box. We also try to include recipes and general cooling tips. If you are sharing a share, please make sure I have everyone’s email address. Send me an email if you need to add someone to the list.

Since the newsletters are a bulk mailing, your spam blocker may block it. Check your bulk mail if you are not receiving the letter and see if it wound up there.

Accessing Your Account Online:
We are using a program called Small Farm Central to manage your account. To access it, go to our website. On the home page there are 2 button that can get you to your account: log in or make a payment. You can log in using and email and password that you already set up during the registration process or by the via email option. The latter option will send you an email with a link to get to your account. This is handy if you ever forget your password. If you have any trouble, please let me know. Logging in to your account allows you to check your balance, look up the type of share you got, find your pick up location, and make a payment.

Payment: We ask that your share be paid in full by September 1st. You may pay for your share all at once, or in several installments. We accept cash, checks, online payment via paypal or DWOLLA, or via credit card at our market stands. Food stamps also can be used with special arrangements. Please keep payments ahead of the value of produce delivered. If you need to establish a more spread out payment plan, please contact me with a proposal.

Farm Visits:
Though we are quite off the beaten path for most of you, we encourage you to come visit anytime during the summer, Tuesday through Saturday, during working hours. Often we will be really busy and may not be able to stop for too long and show you around, especially in the mornings. But we can chat for a bit, point out good wandering places and maybe even plug you into a project if you want. In any event please call first so we know to expect you. Feel free to give yourself a tour, bring a picnic lunch, or take a walk to the river. Part of the CSA idea is getting to know where your food is grown and who grows it and we want you to feel free to do that. Kids especially love wandering around. Reasonable “grazing” during the tour is welcome.

Social Media:

We have dipped a toe into that pool of social media. We have figured out Facebook and twitter. At some point Pinterest and Instagram may follow. (But to be honest, I’d rather go play in the dirt.) We post pictures and recipes to Facebook fairly often, so please like, follow, or whatever the term of the day is! Here is our handle: risingriverfarm

Well, I think that about covers it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call.

Your Farmers,
Jennifer Belknap and Jim McGinn

Rising River Farm
13208 201st Ave SW
Rochester, WA 98579

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